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Giubileo Chocolate Base

With the same philosophy of the Giubileo Latte, this base contains a high percentage of pure chocolate for a rich and long lasting chocolate gelato. Also in this case, the complete lack of added vegetable fats, emulsifying agents and thanks to raw cane sugar and extracts of natural vanilla, the gelato isn’t only very good, but also with an ingredient label which is itself a spur to sales. Therefore, due to the lack of the usual sugars that the consumer doesn’t know well (dextrose, maltodextrin...), we recommend the addition of grape sugar syrup, which was expressly selected to obtain the best gelato’s performance. The mix has to be hot prepared either in a pasteurizer or using the Giubileo XLP gelato blender with hot milk.

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Cioccolato 130

A new ideal cocoa mix to flavour your base obtaining a top quality gelato, dark in colour and with a rich flavour.

Choco Paste

Sugar-free dark chocolate paste.

Super Cioko

Chocolate paste with a round and smooth flavour.

Speedy Chocolate and Speedy Dark Chocolate

The chocolate gelato in a bag. Practical and easy to use, like all other Speedy products, these cocoa and chocolate based powders are the right tool for a quick and effective preparation of a very good chocolate gelato, both in batch freezer and in soft ice machine (express gelato).


A powder mix to prepare a dense and creamy chocolate drink to serve hot, in line with the true Italian tradition.

Cioko Black 250

Mix of unique cocoa powders coming from faraway cultivations. This stable and cold soluble product allows making quickly and easily a dark and bitter chocolate gelato.

Gran Cioccolato Elvetia

Ready-made powder with 70% pure chocolate obtained by a special process which maintains the same flavour of the best Swiss chocolate. It has to be diluted with hot water for a true chocolate gelato with top organoleptic and structural qualities.

Gran Cioccolato Elvetia Extra Bitter

Intense black colour, fragrant and aromatic, and with a very strong and persistent aroma. Scents of cocoa, coffee and roasted barley.
A creamy texture with a bold and long lasting flavour, slightly bitter but with a sweet note. It contains chocolate with 70% cocoa mass allowing to obtain a high quality product. It’s completely free from milk derivatives and contains only  fructose to better underline the flavour of chocolate.

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