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Comprital of Milan

A matter of “label”

Important and extensive market research conducted
in Italy among gelato customers, concluded that
they are increasingly more interested and aware
of ingredients used in gelato products.
In fact, they commit their loyalty only when they
are presented with a clear and transparent guarantee
of a completely natural and genuine product,
which presents an unique taste experience.
The display at the sales point of a “clean” label
illustrating the ingredients, easy to understand
and characterised by very high quality raw materials,
is the strategic and a fundamental step forward for
the professional aimed at leading the way,
with a product that revolutionises natural high quality
artisan gelato as we know it.


A revolution to live together

Revolutionising tradition could seem nonsense, but this is the idea,
which has ever supported the Giubileo Experience, originated
by the creativity of Gianni Osti. It represents a return to gelato
made with simple and natural ingredients, but revolutionized
by the use of modern technology to deliver performance and
quality standards needed in today’s market.
Towards this end, which comes after years of research
and development, with the support and independent testing
of prestigious Italian universities, new natural ingredients
with unique features, were combined with new mechanical
technologies and traditional ingredients such as fresh milk
and seasonal fruits. The final result is Giubileo Experience
a programme integrating products, technologies and exclusive
services for all professionals aimed at reaching the objective
of an artisanal gelato with excellent Italian quality

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